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Fin de la série

Le 13 Mai 2017, Freeform annonce officiellement l’annulation de la série. Alors qu’il était prévu de commander quelques épisodes supplémentaires, la chaine préfère garder les fonds pour commander une autre série. Suite à cette annonce, la production ainsi que les acteurs ont partagé leurs tristesses et leurs remerciements aux fans sur les réseaux sociaux.


Heidi Clements

Baby Daddy 2012 - 2017 for 6 seasons - we have laughed together, we have loved together, we have experienced joy, sorrow and pain - together. We have traveled, met each other's families, married, had babies, became best friends, and some of us even lived together. We have been through more in 5 years than some people experience in a lifetime - together. I wish I had a photo of every single person who worked on the show and stepped through our stage barn doors. what a remarkable time in my life. You are all pure sunshine to me. This was not just a television show - it was a family. I love you all!



Jean Luc Bilodeau


Derek Theler

Baby Daddy has officially been cancelled. Had the time of my life working with this amazing cast and crew. Thanks for watching, it's been fun


Chelsea Kane

It's with a heavy heart that I type this post and confirm that Baby Daddy's next two episodes will be our last. We got the news last night that we will not be coming back for another season and as surreal as it seems right now, I can't help but feel beyond grateful for the incredible ride we've been on for the last five years. Thank you all for being a part of it. Playing Riley Perrin was the greatest gift of my life. Creating her slowly and polishing her cracked and crazy edges over the last six seasons was an honor and I will never be able to properly thank @daniel.berendsen for allowing me to bring her to life. I will miss her terribly and my heart aches knowing I won't get to flop onto that yellow couch every morning and be greeted by the smiling faces and unwavering acceptance of my second family. We are all Wheelers forever. Much like the pilot episode, this little show sort of fell into my lap and "it's amazing how the unexpected can take your life and change direction." Goodbye, Baby Daddy...

Thank you guys for the outpouring of love and all these incredible comments. You've added so much sunshine to my day. I adore you.


Melissa Peterman

When you are lucky enough to do what you love, it's wonderful. When you are blessed enough to do what you love with people you love, it's magic. I am sad to confirm that It's a wrap on Baby Daddy. I am grateful to everyone who was part of our family. It has been a wonderful ride with the most incredible group of people I have had the honor to work with. You are forever my family. I want to Thank @daniel.berendsen for leading this cast & crew with grace, integrity and kindness and for creating Bonnie Wheeler, I have loved every crazy, sweet, inappropriate, fearless & Chardonnay soaked moment of her. You are an incredible writer, boss and friend. And to the fans, Thank you for being so loyal and supportive, we got to 100 episodes because of you all. We appreciate you more than you know. Thank you for watching, for your kind words, for all the fun. Enjoy the last 2 episodes. I wish this was more articulate or well done but I'm still processing the news & clearly I'm better with a script....and lighting...and hair & makeup...and props....and wardrobe...and a director.... and craft services...and an Eva.....and a Kickass Amazing studio audience who made Friday nights my favorite night of the week....and a Steeeeeve ....and a Lem....and each and every person who has made the last 5yrs so special. #itwasmagic


Tahj Mowry

It's true. This is the end. But what an amazing run we had. 100 episodes and a shiny ass people choice award thanks to our amazing fans! And damn do we have the best fans in the world! The past 6 seasons have truly been nothing short of amazing. I will miss these beautiful people more than I can express into words. They are my family. Forever! Seeing the love from the fans has been so overwhelming and I appreciate each and every one of you more than you know. You are all why I do what I do and man is it a blessing that I get to do what I do it everyday. Comedy changes lives. Laughter mends hurting hearts. And I believe that's exactly what #babydaddy did. I hope each and everyone of you guys enjoyed this show as much as we all loved making it. Tucker Dobbs and the Wheelers will forever live on! I am so honored to have been able to have been apart of something so magical. Thank you.

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